“Ussop is officially white”: One Piece Fans are Against Egghead Arc’s New Animation Upon Usopp’s Stark Difference

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One Piece Episode 1088 was the last episode before the Egghead Island arc. In the previous episode, the Blackbeard pirates and the Marines both arrived at Amazon Lily. The Marines, led by Koby, wanted to capture Boa Hancock after the Shichibukai system ended. Meanwhile, the Blackbeard Pirates came to steal Hancock’s Devil Fruit.

one-piece-egghead-anime-posterOne Piece Egghead Arc

One Piece Episode 1089 is set to be release on January 7, 2024. It’s the start of the Egghead Island arc, where the Strawhats begin their journey. This arc might lead to more developments.

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While getting ready for the Egghead Island arc, a Twitter/X user leaked additional information about the anime. In a new post, the user shared details about Egghead Island, including the scheduled date and a preview of the upcoming episode.

Fans Divided Over New Animation Style in Latest Episodes of One Piece

UsoppUsopp in One Piece

A Twitter/X user, @newworldartur, shared a sneak peek of the next One Piece Arc. The preview reveals a new animation style for the Egghead Island Arc, giving the show a softer appearance.

The Egghead Arc begins in the One Piece Anime on January 7th, featuring a new art style change! It will also debut a new opening and ending!pic.twitter.com/qSeCcUXp63

— Artur – Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) December 24, 2023

The new One Piece anime art style is amazing I really love the softer look, especially on Luffy pic.twitter.com/X9OMREXYFv

— ⚡️ Soulstorm ⚡️ (@Soul_StormOP) December 24, 2023

Fans have mixed feelings about the change. Some think it looks beautiful, while others aren’t keen on the new art. The brighter and softer animation, especially the lighter color of Usopp’s character in the new episodes, isn’t liked by many fans. In the preview, Usopp is shown as a white man, which is different from before.

Ussop is officially white…

— Phantom Virus (@virus_phantom) December 24, 2023

Toei whitewashed Usopp now 😭😭

— Jurídico Gato Hexa (@Julin1959) December 24, 2023

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Ussop is really a white man now…

— SoyBoyTroy•°•☆🪐🌌🌑☆°•° (@Da1andonlyTroy) December 24, 2023

Why is Usopp white?

— Sera Auburn (@tek_menace_sera) December 24, 2023

Many fans like the new art style in One Piece, but some are noticing that Usopp appears too white. They hope that Toei Studio will check it and make changes to give Usopp a more natural color, like how fans have seen him from the beginning.

What To Expect From the Upcoming Episode?

The upcoming episode 1089, titled “Entering a New Chapter! Luffy and Sabo’s Paths!” marks the start of the Egghead Island arc. The preview hints at focusing on Sabo and the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey. The story promises excitement and reveals challenges on Egghead Island, a futuristic place linked to Dr. Vegapunk.

Dr. Vegapunk in One PieceDr. Vegapunk in One Piece

A building called Punk Records and a mysterious character with Punk on her costume suggest Vegapunk’s importance.

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The episode 1089 features costume changes for the Straw Hat Pirates and a new setting on Egghead Island, making it an exciting addition to the One Piece saga. The episode’s animation, pacing, and new elements promise a thrilling arc.

One Piece anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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