Cute Vs Hot Guys: What Makes a Guy Sexy Rather than Sweet?

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Are you what women consider sexy? Or are you someone who is considered adorable? Here’s what women think of cute vs hot guys and which one you could be.

cute vs hot guys

Ah, yes. The age-old debate: cute vs hot guys. Men everywhere want to know the difference, *and which one women find more attractive* and women have been too secretive to spill the beans. Until now, that is!

There are far too many factors that go into deciding if a man is hot or cute that are completely beyond our control. So, to truly understand what makes the difference, we have to look into attraction on a more scientific level. [Read: Boyfriend material – a girl’s guide to evaluate guys and 42 things he must do]

How Attraction Works

Basically, attraction is a form of evolution—think Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Our job, as a species, is to survive, and that’s what our bodies are truly made for.

This is why things like pheromones are so important when it comes to dating. Aside from that, there are visual aspects of people that suggest better mating qualities.

We’re not aware of it at all, but it’s still there. For this reason, people have specific “types,” meaning that their brain is basically assessing someone else’s genes and deciding if the two of you would make successful offspring. That’s why some people think certain guys are only “cute,” while others find those same men “sexy.”

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What’s Cute?

Men don’t usually like being called “cute,” but why? Maybe they just picture a little kid when they hear that word, and it makes them cringe. But in all actuality, it’s their actions that mostly make up what is cute in them.

1. When you talk about your family

Nothing makes a girl view a man as being adorable more than when he talks about his family. Women think it’s so cute that you care enough about them to be actively talking about them in your daily life.

This shows that you not only have a heart but that you could be a great addition to a family someday. And if there’s anything involving a man and a small child, women will melt at that cuteness! [Read: Relationship advice for men – 22 tips to make you a better partner]

2. When you tell a woman how pretty she looks

Whenever a girl replies, “awwww” to something you say, she is gushing about how cute you are being!

If a guy finds the time to comment on a girl’s physical appearance in a non-demeaning way, she will think that he is so cute she will hardly be able to stand it!

3. When you show us your softer side

Ask any girl and they’ll say that nothing is cuter than a guy who has a softer side.

When a guy can let down that barrier and just be in the moment, it is so touching and adorable. That is a cute trait if we’ve ever heard of one. [Read: How to be vulnerable in a relationship, open up, and 28 secrets to grow closer]

4. If you open up

If you have a conversation with a woman and you divulge your deepest secrets or your greatest dreams, that is just plain CUTE! Seriously, how adorable is it that you trust her enough to offer such intimate details?

This cute trait not only gives her an inside at your goals, but it encourages her to open up, as well, so she can share her aspirations with you! Not much can be cuter than the blossoming of a genuine connection.

5. All of your little quirks

The way you scrunch your nose or the way you never bend your bendy straw—all the little things that make up you, as a person, are what women find cute.

Everybody has little quirks about them, and these are the things that women find adorable. [Read: 50 cute things guys do that girls find very sexy and absolutely adore]

6. Your passion for your hobbies

When you’re completely absorbed in a hobby you love, whether it’s strumming a guitar or mastering chess, it’s undeniably cute. It’s not just about the hobby itself, but the way your eyes light up and you become so engrossed.

This shows a depth to your personality that goes beyond the typical ‘hot guy’ facade. It’s a glimpse into what makes you, you, and that’s so endearing.

7. The thoughtful gestures

Women find it incredibly cute when you remember small details about them and act on them. Maybe you brought her favorite snack without being asked or played her favorite song on a drive.

These gestures show you’re attentive and caring. It’s these little things that make a huge impact, proving that cute guys often hold the key to a woman’s heart.

8. Your genuine laughter

There’s something irresistibly cute about a guy who laughs freely and genuinely. It’s not about that polished, controlled chuckle, but the unguarded, hearty laughter that shows your authentic self. [Read: How to make a girl laugh and 29 ways to make her get a crush on you]

9. Your sense of adventure

When you propose a spontaneous road trip or a surprise picnic, it’s incredibly cute. Spontaneity like this shows you’re not just about looks or suave moves typical of hot guys, but you’re also about making memories and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

It’s a refreshing change from the usual ‘hot guy’, showing you’re game for fun and not afraid to break the mold.

10. Your compassionate nature

When you show kindness, not just to her but to others, like helping an elderly person or being gentle with animals, it’s heart-meltingly cute. This reveals a level of emotional intelligence and empathy that’s often missing in the standard ‘hot guy’ package.

Things That Make Men Hot

Hot qualities in a man definitely derive from anything that makes women want to take their clothes off and hop in between the sheets with them!

The differences between cute and sexy are found in both attitude and appearance. While many of the cute things can also be seen as sexy, these things are what every woman finds hot in a man.

1. You grow facial hair

Mhm! We think we speak for every woman out there *maybe besides a few* when we say that facial hair is downright sexy as can be—mustaches aside. [Read: Do women like beards? 48 facial hair secrets, rules, and what girls want to see?]

This comes from a primal instinct in women who, in their subconscious mind, see men with facial hair as more manly and able to produce healthy offspring—and that’s enough to get their engines fired up! A well-tamed beard, stubble, or even a goatee is definitely hot.

2. You take charge

Women love a man in charge. How many times have you heard that one? Well, it’s true! It’s so hot when a man can really take the lead, and show that they’re in charge and nobody can mess with them.

3. You do housework

Oh yes, this one is a big one. For some reason—and maybe it has to do with ladies always having to tend to it—when a man gets down and dirty with the dishes or cleans the house, women can’t help but find that sexy.

A man doing any sort of work around the house is such a sexy trait because it’s them taking charge and showing they are capable of something other than playing X-box or wowing a woman in bed. [Read: 45 things women like sexually in bed and moves guys do that girls don’t like]

4. You wear sweatpants

Honestly, this one is a mystery. No one—not even a scientist—could explain why every man who puts on a pair of sweatpants becomes 80 times sexier.

Maybe it has something to do with them seeming to have a carefree attitude, but either way, it’s deliciously attractive.

5. Muscles!

Maybe you had an inkling on this one already. Women just can’t get over the delectable nature of a muscular man.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have super visible muscles, you aren’t sexy. It only means that more muscles tend to lend to a higher sexy rating. [Read: How to be more attractive to women and 72 traits that make you very desirable]

This must be a primal instinct, as well, because big muscles mean that a man can provide for and protect his family—even if that’s not the case. This definitely feeds into women’s motherly instincts, and makes them want to get naked with a man who has definition!

6. Your confident stride

A man who walks with confidence instantly amps up his hotness quotient. It’s not about arrogance, but that self-assured stride that says, “I know who I am.”

This confident walk sets you apart in the cute vs hot guys debate. It’s a subtle yet powerful expression of your inner strength, and trust us, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

7. Your intense gaze

There’s something undeniably hot about a man who holds a gaze with a mix of intensity and intrigue.

It’s not just about making eye contact, it’s that lingering look that seems to peer into her soul. This depth of connection elevates you from the realm of cute to unmistakably hot. [Read: Step-by-step eye contact flirting moves to catch someone’s eye ASAP]

8. Your deep voice

A deep, resonant voice has a way of sending shivers down a spine. It’s not just the pitch, but the way you use it to express sincerity, flirtation, or even a hint of seduction.

In the spectrum of cute vs hot guys, a deep voice distinctly plays in the ‘hot’ territory because of the aura of mystery and charisma it gives you.

9. Your sense of style

A man who knows how to dress well—be it in a tailored suit or a well-chosen casual outfit—exudes hotness. It doesn’t matter what you actually wear, it’s all about understanding what works for you and wearing it with confidence.

This sense of style sets you apart from the ‘cute guys’, placing you firmly in the ‘hot’ category. It shows an attention to detail and a level of sophistication that’s irresistibly attractive. [Read: 44 outfit tips and secrets on what to wear on a first date for girls and guys]

10. Your articulate speech

A man who speaks articulately, with a well-thought-out choice of words, definitely falls into the hot category. It’s not about using big words, but the ability to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Cute vs Hot Guys, What Do Girls Really Prefer?

The ultimate question that’s probably running through every guy’s mind: Between cute and hot, what do girls really prefer?

Starting with the ‘cute guys,’ these are the men who bring warmth and sincerity to the table. They’re the ones with a genuine smile, an infectious laugh, and the ability to make women feel truly seen and heard. Cute guys often form deeper connections, with their approachable nature and relatable charm winning hearts.

On the flip side, ‘hot guys’ pack a different kind of punch. They exude an air of confidence and mystery that can be wildly attractive. These are the men who capture attention with their strong presence, a sense of adventure, and undeniable charisma. Hot guys often spark immediate attraction, radiating a vibe of strength and assertiveness.

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But here’s the catch—every girl has her own unique taste. Some might swoon for the adorable quirkiness of a cute guy, while others might be drawn to the magnetic allure of a hot guy.

The key takeaway? It’s less about changing yourself to fit a label and more about embracing your authentic qualities.

Whether you lean more towards cute with your heartfelt, thoughtful gestures or more towards hot with your bold confidence and strong persona, it’s your genuineness that ultimately makes you attractive.

You Can Be Both!

We can all agree that the ultimate distinguishing factors that make men either cute or hot are their actions and appearance.

While different women may have varied tastes, finding unique things either cute or sexy about a man, the traits discussed above are commonly recognized and appreciated.

And here’s the great news: in the dynamic world of attraction, you don’t have to box yourself into being just a cute guy or a hot guy. The reality is, you can embody qualities of both, blending the endearing charm of the cute with the captivating allure of the hot.

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So, embrace your individuality, because in the intricate dance of cute vs hot guys, being authentically you is what truly stands out.

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