Itachi Not Being Ideal Indra’s Reincarnation Had Nothing to Do with his Power Level


  • Naruto Shippuden ended in 2017 but the fan theories keep popping up even after all these years, with the latest one claiming to figure out why Sasuke Uchiha was chosen to be Indra's Otsutsuki's reincarnation instead of Itachi Uchiha.
  • The fan theory claims that there are two conditions to be fulfilled, with the first being that Indra Otsutsuki's reincarnation should belong to the Uchiha clan and the second one claims that two reincarnations cannot co-exist.
  • Madara Uchiha, previous reincarnation of Indra Otsutstuki, was alive during Itachi Uchiha's birth and so he was not chosen to be the reincarnation, even though he was a better shinobi than Sasuke Uchiha.

Masashi Kishimoto is responsible for one of the greatest anime ever. He is the creator of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Considered to be one of the Big Three of anime, Naruto has given fans several incredible moments. The 720 episodes of pure emotional rollercoaster will leave the fans feeling multiple emotions at one time.

Characters like Itachi Uchiha, Jiraiya, Kakashi Hatake, etc., are, without a doubt, few of the best side characters ever made. It has been more than five years since Naruto ended, but there seems to be no end to the fan theories. The latest fan theory that came up explores the possibilities behind Itachi Uchiha not being the reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki, even though he was a better candidate than Sasuke Uchiha.

The Real Reason Why Itachi Uchiha Was Not Chosen To Be Indra Otsutsuki’s Reincarnation

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Fan theories are an everyday part of anime. Even though they are just theories, few have ample reasons to back the theories. One such theory with a solid foundation is why Sasuke was chosen to be Indra Otsutsuki’s reincarnation instead of Itachi. Masashi Kishimoto is a genius mangaka, so he most likely had explored every possibility before finalizing such crucial development in his magnum opus.

According to the fan theory, two things need to happen in order for Indra’s reincarnation. The first is that the reincarnation will only take place in the Uchiha clan. The second is that two reincarnations cannot exist at the same time. While it was believed that Madara had perished while fighting Hashirama Senju, it was revealed later that he was alive after having used Izanagi during the fight.

indra otsutsukiIndra Otsutsuki

So, when Itachi Uchiha was alive, Madara Uchiha was also alive, so he could not have been Indra’s reincarnation. On the other hand, when Madara Uchiha decided to end his life, Mikoto Uchiha was pregnant with Sasuke. It was the perfect point for the reincarnation to take place.

More on Indra’s Reincarnation

Indra Otsutsuki was the eldest son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki and the elder brother of Ashura Otsutsuki. Indra was more skilful, had better mastery over his ninjutsu, and had visual prowess. Considering that, Itachi was a much better candidate to be his reincarnation because he was better than Sasuke in every aspect. But the only problem was that Madara Uchiha was still alive when he was born.

old madara uchihaOld Madara Uchiha

Another reason for Sasuke being Indra’s reincarnation is that along with Indra, his brother, Ashura, was also to be reincarnated. Ashura’s reincarnation had to be younger than Indra’s reincarnation since he was younger than Indra. Mikoto Uchiha and Kushina Uzumaki were pregnant simultaneously, but Sasuke was born before Naruto, which also fulfilled this condition.

Some may argue that Nagato was also a great candidate for Ashura, but everything contradicts at one point – Madara Uchiha being alive. So, even though Itachi Uchiha was a more able shinobi, the situation helped Sasuke to be the ultimate one. But it is still a fan theory, and there is no proof of it actually happening. It has been years since the anime ended, so there is no way of confirming it other than Masashi Kishimoto himself.

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