Suits Showrunner Miraculously Salvaged Show After a Mishap Spoiled a Major Plotline


  • The final season of Suits caught fans off guard in the best way possible.
  • However, many might not know that the season was almost spoiled because of leaks.
  • It was revealed by Aaron Korsh during an interview, that the final and eighth season of Suits was almost ruined because of some people on-set, who accidentally leaked major plotlines.
  • Had it not been for Korsh, who diverted the attention of audiences by telling them that changes were being made to the season, the season and the finale would have been doomed.

Suits is one of the most iconic television shows in recent times. Becoming one of the most watched in Netflix history, there are a lot of reasons why fans adore the series so much. Be it the witty humor, the sense of superiority shared by all the characters, or the general feeling of a law firm, audiences have found a special place in their heart for this show.


The final season of the series caught fans off guard in the best way possible. There were a lot of things that had been building up ever since the beginning of the series, that finally came to a climax and its eighth season. However, many might not know that the season was almost spoiled because of leaks. Had it not been for the showrunner, the season could have easily left its fans underwhelmed due to a majority of its flat lines getting revealed beforehand.

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The Finale of Suits Was Ruined By Leaks

It was revealed by Aaron Korsh during an interview with Deadline, that the final and eighth season of Suits was almost ruined because of the people onset. The promotion department of the series made a couple of mistakes that led to the spiling of one of the most anticipated couples, Donna and Harvey.


“Our promo department made a mistake and they spoiled both Donna and Harvey getting engaged and Donna and Harvey getting married, and one of our extras to some degree spoiled Harvey leaving the firm with the final name of the firm.”

On top of this, one of their extra actors made the mistake of spoiling the most significant part of the final season. They, to some degree, spoiled that Harvey Spectre would be leaving the original firm, as well as accidentally leaking the name of the final firm. It is safe to say that such big plots being spoiled before the show’s release would certainly hurt its audience reception. Something had to be done to fix this.

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The Showrunner Saved The Show

The showrunner, Aaron Korsh revealed during the interview that the spoiling of so many things that he had been working on ever since the start of the series certainly made him very upset. This would also hurt the shock and the reactions that the audiences would have, considering they already knew what was going to happen before they went into the final season. This is why, he came up with an idea to divert their attention and plant doubts in their heads so that they would not know what was coming.

SuitsSarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht in Suits

“So, so many things in my mind had been spoiled that I decided to say, I made some big last-minute changes just to throw some doubts into some fans’ minds but I didn’t make any big last-minute changes.”

The showrunner revealed that he told the audiences that some big last-minute changes were being made to the script, the story, and the overall theme of the final season. In actuality, this was not true, however, he simply did this so that fans would expect something completely different and dismiss all that they heard from the rumors and the links. This ended up working as fans believed what he was saying, and when the show aired for its final season, audiences were shocked nonetheless.

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