emily blunt made chris pine’s quads shake while filming 1 simple dance scene in ‘into the woods’


  • Emily Blunt was over seven months pregnant during the filming of Into the Woods and it caused quite some trouble for a simple dance scene. Chris Pine had his legs shaking while holding Emily Blunt during a dance scene.
  • Emily Blunt was pregnant with daughter Hazel Krasinski, her first child with John Krasinski.

The filming of the 2014 musical-fantasy Disney movie Into the Woods took an unexpected turn, thanks to a little secret Emily Blunt was keeping: her pregnancy. Even though the choreography was simple, one particular move—Chris Pine dipping an extremely pregnant Blunt—proved to be more difficult than expected. Blunt was pregnant with Hazel Krasinski, her first child with John Krasinski.

Actress Emily Blunt is well-known for her charm and adaptability. She has enthralled audiences with her performances in comedies, dramas, thrillers, and action movies throughout her career. She made several appearences in a number of films and is well-known for her outstanding roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Mary Poppins Returns, and Edge of Tomorrow among many more.

Emily Blunt in Into the Woods Emily Blunt in Into the Woods

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Emily Blunt’s Pregnancy Shakes Up Into the Woods Dance Scene 

Emily Blunt’s Into the Woods movie turned out to be quite challenging for both the lead actors Emily Blunt and Chris Pine had to face quite the challenges while filming the movie. It turned out that she was pregnant with her first child, Hazel Krasinski with husband John Krasinski. And even though the dance steps were easy, Chris Pine dipping a heavily pregnant Blunt – proved more challenging than anticipated.

She opened up about the situation during an interview via YouTube

“I was with child. I found out I was pregnant the same week I found out I had the job, so I had to call Rob Marshall, our director, about two weeks before we started rehearsing and I said I have something to tell you. He said, ‘You’re having a baby’, for a joke and I went, ‘Yes Rob, I am you know’ and I’m supposed to be playing this Barren woman who can’t have children.

We have this very romantic scene with Chris Pine where he has a sort of dip me and when we did it in rehearsals I was about three and a half months pregnant and by the time we did it, it was right at the end and I said you need to add 25 pounds to that dip and I swear to god, I felt his quads just shaking as he was holding me, it was awful.”

There was a secret waltz between a prince ready to set away on a treacherous journey and his soon-to-be wife, which gave an additional element of emotion to the event. However, the moment masterfully conveyed their bittersweet romanticism in spite of the unanticipated setback. Blunt’s pregnancy-induced radiant radiance gave her performance a hint of strength and tenderness.

Emily Blunt and Chris Pine in Into the Woods Emily Blunt and Chris Pine in Into the Woods

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Pine gave a charming portrayal of a prince who is both enamored and nervous, despite his occasional shakiness. The rumor of Pine’s unsteady legs turned into a treasured behind-the-scenes tale from the movie’s development, serving as a reminder of the unforeseen difficulties and touching situations that can occur when shooting a picture. It stands as a testament to the professionalism and adaptability of the cast and crew.

From Devilish Debut to A-Lister: The Rise of Emily Blunt

Early in the new millennium, Emily Blunt had several television appearances before starting her acting career. She costarred with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in the comedy The Devil Wears Prada in 2006, which gave her, her breakthrough performance. Blunt received immense praise from critics and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal.

Emily Blunt Emily Blunt

Since then, Blunt has gone on to star in a variety of successful films and many things have contributed to Blunt’s success in Hollywood. She is a gifted actress with versatility in her acting. She is renowned for her commitment to her profession and her strong work ethic. Additionally, she is a likable and relatable person who has endeared herself to audiences around the world.

Emily Blunt in OppenheimerEmily Blunt in Oppenheimer

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Blunt has a thriving modeling career in addition to her acting career. She has starred in advertising campaigns for IWC Schaffhausen, Vogue, and Yves Saint Laurent. She is an adaptable actor who can step into any part and bring it to life. She will undoubtedly have a long and prosperous career in Hollywood and serves as an inspiration to young women everywhere.

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