Tom Brady's Miami mega-mansion nears completion with jaw-dropping features

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NFL legend Tom Brady's colossal Miami mansion is approaching the final stages of construction, and new photos reveal the opulence that awaits him in his new bachelor pad.

Estimated to cost a whopping $11.5 million upon completion, the mansion boasts a stunning waterfront, an expansive pool with a spa, multiple gyms, and a capacious garage for his luxury car collection, according to reports from Daily Mail.

Brady, who acquired the property in 2020 while still married to Gisele Bundchen for $17 million, has taken a year off after retiring from the NFL, leaving him with ample time to focus on his lavish new residence. Despite the hiatus, Tom Brady's financial status remains robust, with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

The football legend has also secured a lucrative deal with Fox as an NFL commentator, valued at $375 million, ensuring his financial prowess.

Is Brady's mansion really worth it

Brady's employment status and bank account health leave little doubt that if he desired, he could replicate his lavish mansion multiple times

The Miami bachelor pad, situated on the luxurious Creek Island, is shaping up with meticulously landscaped gardens, featuring palm trees and a sprawling lawn. The waterfront swimming pool promises panoramic views, complemented by a basketball court still under construction and a tree-lined driveway leading to a multi-car garage.

Protected by a private 13-person police force, the former Patriots quarterback's mansion overlooks water and faces a golf course, sharing the neighborhood with notable figures like Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump.

Tom is enjoying his sabbatical

While Tom Brady's new home nears completion, his previous Florida condo, where he resided post-divorce from Gisele Bundchen, has hit the market for $15.9 million. The extravagant apartment is located in the upscale Fendi Chateau Residences tower in Surfside, Florida.

Brady, enjoying his retired life, recently embarked on a heartwarming ski trip with his three children-Jack, Benjamin, and Vivian. The retired quarterback shared delightful moments on social media, capturing the festive spirit and family joy during the holiday season.

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