‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans SPLITS From Husband David Eason

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‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans has legally filed to end her marriage with David Eason after 6 years of marriage.

According to legal documents, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ alum filed a court complaint for “separation” from her husband after major legal problems involving her 14-year-old son.

Jenelle Evans Allegedly Files To Divorce David Eason

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In the filing, the reality star lashed out at Eason and pointed out erratic behavior including his admission of killing their pet dog, to the current legal problems from allegations of assaulting the 14-year-old child.

One report claims the separation filing discusses his alleged “refusal to work” and excessive spending of her income. She claims there are text exchanges with him that she calls “criminal conversations.”

The legal documents, filed on February 23, claim the couple officially separated on February 16, “with the internet that the separation be permanent.”

“Throughout the duration of the marriage of the parties, the defendant has exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards the plaintiff,” she says. Adding, “In May of 2019, Defendant shot and killed the family’s pet French Bulldog Nugget in front of the minor child,” referring to their 7-year-old daughter.

As a result, Jenelle claims David’s killing of the family pet resulted in “the Columbus County Department of Child Services, DSS instituted proceedings against the parties and took into custody the aforementioned minor children.”

Jenelle describes the most recent incident, saying, “On or about September 28 2023, a report was made to medical professionals by the plaintiff’s oldest minor child.” She says that following the Sheriff’s Office investigation, David was “subsequently charged with misdemeanor child abuse and felony assault by strangulation.”

Adding, “Despite the voluntary dismissal of the underlying DSS proceedings, the defendant’s criminal case is still pending and the defendant is subject to several no-contact provisions in the aforementioned criminal case.”

“Since the DSS case was voluntarily dismissed, and primary physical custody of [Jace] reverted back to the plaintiff, the defendant left the former marital residence at the behest of the plaintiff so that [he] could return home with the plaintiff and his siblings,” Jenelle continued.

Jenelle Evans Claims David Eason Has Not Supported Her Since Their Separation

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According to the legal document, Jenelle claims that David, whom she says is living on her boat presently, has failed to check in on her and enquired about their daughter Ensley.

“[David] has been spending his days drinking liquor at a bar near the marina,” Evans claimed, per The Sun.

She said that in addition, David had refused to give her the key to their mailbox, which had prevented her from picking up her son Jace’s prescription, so “putting the minor child at risk for detrimental health effects.”

Jenelle also slammed David for abandoning their 16-year-old daughter Maryssa after he left their marital home.

“[David] developed no plan for ensuring both of his biological minor children were cared for and offered [Jenelle] zero support and assistance with any of the minor children during this time,” the court document allegedly states.

The former “Teen Mom” star said she needed the 16-year-old out of their house so she could focus all her attention on Jace.

Jenelle said she needed Maryssa out of the home so that she could focus her care on Jace, “especially since [he] had just been forced into DSS custody because of alleged acts of domestic violence by the defendant.”

Eason has not yet responded to the allegations.

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