Taylor Swift's incredible physical transformation over time: Travis Kelce will still be crazy about her

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities might look like when in years to come... and whether time will be kind to them?

Well, thanks to AI, fans of Taylor Swift have been able to see what she's going to look like until her 100th birthday. A video posted by the Instagram account 'bonjour_geraldine7' shows the 'Cruel Summer' singer's physical transformation from her first birthday all the way to her 100th, and the clip has gathered plenty of interaction online.

Taylor Swift's incredible transformation over time...this is what she will look like at 90-years-old

"She aged like a fine wine," was the caption of clip- a caption which almost all social media users agreed with. If this video is anything to go by, Taylor will maintain her youthful glow for years to come.

One user even pointed out that at 50, Swift shares a striking resemblance to Princess Diana. "In her 50s she looks like Princess Diana," they wrote. "She looks great at 80" and "she looks always the same," were some of the other comments.

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