Rauw Alejandro breaks the silence about his breakup with Rosalia

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After the much talked about separation between Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro, in which both parties decided to leave things without making any public statements, it is now the Puerto Rican who has broken the silence.

The singer said that he and his ex maintained a four-year relationship without controversial incidents. However, he was overwhelmed by what was said on social media and the traditional media.

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Rauw Alejandro talks about his ex relationship with Rosalia

"They make up any shit.... People have a hard time separating what Rauw Alejandro is from Raul and it was a weird summer," confessed Rauw on Youtube channel Chente Ydrach.

The performer also addressed the photos that circulated of him with Bruna Marquezine, the ex-partner of soccer player Neymar, clarifying that they were part of an advertising campaign for Carolina Herrera. He debunked rumors of a possible romance and explained that the images were taken during an outdoor event in New York.

"We were the protagonists and, paparazzi took pictures and the next day they took out that I was dating (her)," he explained.

Regarding the cheating rumors, Rauw shared that he and Rosalia communicated to address the issue publicly, as the artist released a statement clarifying that this had not been the reason for the collapse of the relationship.

"Our relationship was very nice. Nothing toxic. We were born men, they already have a stigma of being cab... and I don't judge, we have a bad reputation", explained Rauw, highlighting the harmony that characterized their relationship.

So far, Rosalia has not given details, nor about her 'current relationship' with actor Jeremy Allen, with whom she was seen very close in Los Angeles in early December.

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