Rafael Leao denied ‘goal of the season’ against Newcastle as he trips over at last moment

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Rafael Leao astir scored a vocation item goal, but ended up embarrassingly level connected the turf.

The AC Milan winger was a changeless menace passim the archetypal fractional against Newcastle successful the Champions League, but determination was 1 accidental helium won’t privation to spot again.

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Leao near Sean Longstaff connected his behind[/caption]
And took connected the full Magpies defenceTNT Sports
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It each went incorrect with the finish[/caption]

Played into abstraction by Theo Hernandez successful the 34th minute, helium opted to instrumentality connected Sean Longstaff wrong the container and near the Magpies midfielder successful his dust.

Just arsenic everyone expected him to propulsion the trigger, Sven Botman arrived connected the scene, but Leao near him for dead, earlier skipping past erstwhile teammate Sandro Tonali.

But, conscionable arsenic Newcastle were successful afloat panic mode and expecting a shot, Leao alternatively went for a backheel, which helium wholly fluffed, kicking the turf and ending up connected the floor.

Reacting to the accidental connected Twitter, 1 idiosyncratic wrote: “If Leao scored this it would’ve been the extremity of the play wow.”

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