Prosecutors move to drop aggravated assault charges against Jackson Mahomes before court showdown

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As the preliminary hearing for Jackson Mahomes, brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, looms on Wednesday, Johnson County prosecutors are making a surprising move.

In a recent development, prosecutors have filed a motion to dismiss three felony aggravated sexual assault charges, leaving only one misdemeanor battery charge against the 23-year-old social media influencer.

Mahomes' sexual assault incident

This decision comes as Mahomes faces legal scrutiny for alleged incidents at Aspen's, an Overland Park restaurant, leading to his arrest in May 2023.

Surveillance video from the restaurant showed Mahomes forcibly kissing a woman, and he was subsequently charged with three counts of aggravated assault along with the misdemeanor battery charge.

The motion to dismiss the charges is accompanied by complications in securing the testimony of Aspen Vaughn, the woman and former restaurant owner involved in the case.

Vaughn, who plans to assert her Fifth Amendment right, has been avoiding court appearances.

Prosecutors have served subpoenas to several witnesses for Wednesday's preliminary hearing.

The motion reveals prosecutors' skepticism about Vaughn's credibility, stating, "even if Vaughn were granted immunity, she would say 'she had not been truthful to the police, and that the encounter with the defendant was consensual.'"

Despite attempts to contact Vaughn, there has been no response regarding the recent development.

Vaughn previously spoke to KMBC 9 in August 2023, expressing misgivings about the criminal investigation and the toll it took on her personally and professionally.

Attorney: Jackson has done nothing wrong

Mahomes' attorney, Brandon Davies, remains steadfast in his defense, stating, "Like I said from the beginning, Jackson has done nothing wrong. We had full confidence that the truth of the matter would ultimately be revealed. The defense will reserve further comment until the remaining count is disposed of."

The misdemeanor battery charge involves a separate victim from the three felony charges, and prosecutors intend to pursue this charge.

Amidst legal proceedings, Jackson Mahomes faced public scrutiny as trolls hijacked his New Year celebration on Instagram.

Commenters referenced his court case, with one stating, "Hopefully no one was assaulted."

Another suggested a violation of court orders, alleging Mahomes was not supposed to consume alcohol.

As the Mahomes case unfolds, the courtroom drama and public commentary continue to cast a spotlight on the social media influencer's legal troubles.

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