Pat McAfee issues apology amid Kimmel-Rodgers feud: aiming for resolution

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Former NFL player and current ESPN host Pat McAfee found himself in the middle of a heated exchange between ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. McAfee addressed the escalating feud on his program, expressing hope that the two would resolve their differences.

McAfee recounted the events leading up to the controversy, mentioning that the show's relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere is a defining characteristic. He acknowledged that things might have gone too far this time, alluding to the serious nature of the allegations and the subsequent media storm.

"We obviously don't like to be associated with anything negative ever. We'd like our show to be an uplifting one, a happy one, a fun one, but it's because we talk shit and try to make light of everything," McAfee candidly explained.

Despite the tension, McAfee conveyed his understanding for both parties involved. He empathized with Kimmel's position as a high-profile figure at Disney, which also owns ESPN, and acknowledged Rodgers' perspective on the situation.

"I can understand why Jimmy got incredibly upset... but also I think Aaron is like, 'hey, this guy has said some stuff about me in his monologue' and he's just trying to shit talk. I don't think he meant anything else, but he's gonna have to clarify that for us," McAfee stated, attempting to provide a balanced view of the situation.

McAfee wants an amicable resolution

Expressing regret for being part of the controversy, McAfee emphasized his desire for an amicable resolution between Kimmel and Rodgers. He expressed hope that they could set aside their differences and move forward without letting the issue affect their professional relationship.

Looking ahead, McAfee lightened the mood by mentioning that NFL star JJ Watt would be a guest on the following day's show, injecting a touch of humor into the situation. "I'm not sure there'll be any threatened lawsuits with that one coming today," he quipped, subtly acknowledging the seriousness of the previous day's events while maintaining a lighthearted tone.

In summary, McAfee's approach was one of understanding and optimism, as he sought to navigate through a challenging situation while maintaining a sense of humor and perspective.

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