Paris Hilton posts Christmas lingerie photoshoot amid baby and dog video controversy

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Paris Hilton is now joining the list of celebrities who have not missed the opportunity to share the way they celebrate the holidays. Hilton, showed her fans on Instagram the way she celebrates and the sexy attires she wore, while also stiring controversy over the relationship of her son with her dog.

Paris Hilton made a controversial video where she said her dog was her son's sister

Paris Hilton gives a new "sister" to his son Phoenix for Christmas present

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton was criticized ver the relationship her dog has with her son, in the video, she is seen calling her dog, her son's sister while the dog was licking the baby's face.

And although she became a mom a short time ago, Paris has not missed the opportunity to show herself in a sexy way, thanks to the lingerie set she put together to show her fans on social media.

The 42-year-old model is the self-proclaimed inventor of the selfie in a post that to date has accumulated more than 1.5 million likes and more than 11 thousand comments from her followers on this social media platform.

In the comments section, her fans highlighted her beauty and also asked Paris for a 2023 version of the selfies with Spears 17 years later.

However, Paris Hilton is not the pioneer of selfies by any means, since in 1839 Robert Cornelius spent 15 minutes standing motionless in front of the camera in his lamp store in Philadelphia, USA, to capture his image.

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