New Monday Night Football NFL theme with Chris Stapleton, Snoop Dogg cranks the volume on classic Phil Collins cover

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Nick Chubb’s horrific wounded made the large quality connected Monday night.

But successful the greeting after, a smoking caller ‘Monday Night Football’ NFL mentation of a classical deed was uncovering its mode done the internet.

Cleveland backmost Deshaun Watson reacts to Nick Chubb being injuredGetty

If you had state stone prima Chris Stapleton teaming up with rap creator Snoop Dogg connected a Phil Collins tune arsenic your phantasy euphony prime earlier Week 1 began, you were successful eden for Week 2.

“In the Air Tonight” has received different circular of modernisation, with Stapleton’s unsmooth and smoky twang being paired with punchy rap lines from Snoop Dogg, who’s go progressively linked with the nonrecreational and assemblage games.

“A classical NFL rivalry is renewed.”

That was the video voiceover instauration earlier the darkened representation of a cowboy hat-wearing Stapleton gave mode to highlights of the Cleveland Browns, who fell 26-22 to the Pittsburgh Steelers during a crippled erstwhile Deshaun Watson continued to look wildly overpaid and the Browns lost their prima moving backmost to what appears to beryllium different monolithic limb injury.

“I tin consciousness it coming successful the aerial tonight,” crooned Stapleton, who was wide praised for his throwback show of the United States’ nationalist anthem earlier Super Bowl LVII.

Cue pounding drums.

Cut to shouting Browns and Steelers fans successful the stands.

Pivot to the usually creaseless Snoop Dogg, who took implicit the video by rolling successful via a shining automobile, past unleashing monotone lines that attempted to seizure the yearly AFC North battles betwixt the Browns and Steelers.

Cleveland’s Nick Chubb aft sustaining a genu wounded against the Pittsburgh SteelersGetty

“Rivals,” Snopp Dogg said. “Us versus them. Survival.”

It was simple, nonstop and to the point.

It’s besides uncommon for Monday Night Football to alteration its taxable song, which is simply a extremity of the headdress to the heavyweight powerfulness of Stapleton and Snoop Dogg teaming up.

X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, users rapidly offered their enactment of the pairing, with 1 writing: “I present request a afloat screen of In The Air Tonight by Stapleton. It’s weird to recognize however atrocious you request thing that you didn’t adjacent cognize existed 14 hrs ago.”

Snoop Dogg performs connected signifier successful Miami, Florida[/caption]

Another affirmative tweeter said: “Good greeting to everyone but mostly @ChrisStapleton who was tasked with making a due screen of “In The Air Tonight” for Monday Night Football (something erstwhile thought to beryllium intolerable and/or a trap) and goddamn pulled it off.”

While Snoop Dogg played his modular part, Stapleton earned an A+ from astir of Twitter for bringing thing caller to a way that has go successful information of being overplayed astatine sporting events crossed the globe.

Then again, it’s inactive a ace chill opus connected the millionth clip proceeding it.

A erstwhile Browns-Steelers crippled highlighted the rivalry betwixt the teamsGetty Images - Getty

And if it was chill successful Hollywood’s ‘The Hangover’ flick, it’s inactive chill erstwhile Nashville, Tennessee and Long Beach, California are represented successful honour of ‘Monday Night Football.’

This X idiosyncratic agreed: “Whether you similar the NFL oregon not… this screen goes HARD. “In the Air Tonight” is legendary.”

Of course, seasoned NFL newsman Adam Schefter got successful connected the pregame promotion, teasing the uncommon Stapleton-Snoop Dogg combo with a timely tweet.

The caller Monday Night Football anthem that volition debut tonight:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 18, 2023

The crippled wasn’t arsenic bully arsenic the cover.

Backup moving backmost Jerome Ford stepped up successful Chubb’s absence, moving for a game-high 106 yards connected conscionable 16 carries.

But Watson continued to disappoint with the Browns.

Pittsburgh backmost Kenny Pickett enactment up akin numbers to Watson (22 of 40 passing, 235 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception), portion the Steelers unopen retired the Browns 7-0 successful the 4th fourth to seal the location victory.

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