Kylie's confession of Jason Kelce's shark encounter amuses Travis Kelce on 'New Heights' podcast

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Actualizado 30/12/2023 - 11:03 CST

Kylie, wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, was one of the special guests on the 'New Heights' podcast. Hosted by the Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis, this week. In the episode, Travis asked Kylie about the intriguing "shark story" she experienced with Jason. Having fun, Kylie shared her pleasure at seeing her husband blush, laughingly stating that she had never seen him act so quickly.

The talk got interesting when Kylie described the details of what happened suggesting that her husband was willing to leave her to save himself, Jason obviously denied this, assuring that he would have confronted the shark if necessary, if he had seen any real danger.

"This man was in and out of the water because he couldn't stay up on his board. It is the fastest I've ever seen the big man move when he would fall in the water and then have to get back up on his board," Kylie said.

In his defense, Jason assured, "If the shark would have been anywhere near you, I would have jumped in and attack."

There is no doubt that Travis Kelce had a very entertaining experience at the expense of his brother Jason thanks to the anecdote shared by Kylie on the 'New Heights' podcast. They demonstrate the closeness they have between siblings, as well as the trust and good family relationship with Kylie.

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