Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck share Moke ride pictures in paradise

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a great time in St. Barts while driving a cute white Moke car on the Caribbean streets during their New Years getaway.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a great time in St. Barts

Both Ben and JLo looked like they were having fun in the comically small electric vehicle, the Good Will Hunting actor had to hunch over during the ride due to the height of the top.

On a different outing sans Jennifer, Ben looked serious while holding a cigarette in his mouth while cruising though the streets of the Caribbean island wearing stylish aviator sunglasses.

During their stay they have been seen shopping and hanging out romantically while Jennifer showed her happy-go-lucky smile. .

Locals spotted the famous couple and respectfully took pictures with them making them feel at home.

JLo and Affleck enjoying their rekindled love

In the trailer for her upcoming movie, which Affleck co-wrote, Lopez included a letter that he wrote her in 2002 when they were dating.

"Life's tough but you're sweet," the Academy Award winner, now 51, penned.

"Thanks for the gift. Hope you like the flowers. You told me you could never have enough. I believe you."

According to recent information from Star Magazine, Lopez and Garner have had their differences recently because the latter finds cigarettes 'disgusting' and has asked Affleck not to smoke while around her kids.

They have three children from their 14-year relationship that began in 2004. Violet Anne Affleck (18), Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (14) and Samuel Garner (11) before he started dating Lopez again in 2021.

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