Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck argue in public during St. Barts outing

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Actualizado 31/12/2023 - 15:08 CST

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been on vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Barts and it seems there is trouble in paradise as they were seen arguing at a jewelry shop.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck arguing in public raises questions

The high profile celebrities have all eyes on them as they have been spotted several times. The curious cameras of people on the island caught them while they were shopping around for some jewelry.

While Jennifer was modeling a few pieces, Ben was seen upset and putting his arms up in the air seemingly trying to prove a point. Although the reason for the argument has not been disclosed, some speculate that it could have been the price tag of the items. Affleck was later taking some pictures of his wife wearing the jewelry with a big frown.

While Ben was seen upset, the argument did not last long, and then hugged Jennifer Lopez and were seen going over the issue it was quickly forgotten as they kept embracing themselves constantly.

Later, Ben was seen walking around drinking a soda and grabbing Jlo's hand like nothing happened as it is common for couples to argue over simple things.

Ben Affleck's serious looks

A day ago Ben looked serious while holding a cigarette in his mouth while cruising through the streets of the Caribbean island wearing stylish aviator sunglasses.

During their stay, they were seen shopping and hanging out romantically while Jennifer showed her happy-go-lucky smile.

Locals spotted the famous couple and respectfully took pictures with them making them feel at home.

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