Jason Cundy says he won’t shave until Chelsea win again but worries he’ll have to wait until DECEMBER

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Jason Cundy says helium doesn’t program to shave until Chelsea triumph their adjacent match, though he’s disquieted he’s making a large mistake.

After a mediocre 2022/23 play which saw them decorativeness 12th successful the Premier League, Chelsea person made a dilatory commencement with conscionable 5 points from their opening 5 league matches.

Chelsea’s latest outing saw them labour to a goalless gully astatine BournemouthGetty
And Cundy won’t suffer the facial hairsbreadth until Chelsea triumph again

In fact, this word has seen them marque their second worst commencement to a Premier League season with conscionable 1 triumph – a 3-0 triumph implicit Luton, who are yet to get a constituent – nether their belt.

After 10 days without utilizing the razor, erstwhile Chelsea subordinate Cundy is increasing himself a bully beard, though he’s struggling with the itching connected his face.

But similar Mauricio Pochettino’s men are struggling, successful a benignant of amusement of solidarity, Cundy has decided to enactment up with the itchy look until his broadside gets different victory.

But looking astatine Chelsea’s fixtures, arsenic good arsenic planetary breaks successful October and November, Cundy is disquieted helium volition beryllium forced to fto the beard turn for up to 3 months.

“I don’t cognize if I tin spell done with this… I haven’t had a shave for ages, astir 10 days, and I’ve got this beard and I archer you what it ain’t fractional itchy!” Cundy said connected The Sports Bar.

“It’s horrible, you’ve got to spell done the itchy play to turn a beard?

“And I’m reasoning now, to enactment myself done it, I mightiness not shave until Chelsea get their adjacent win. I won’t beryllium shaving until December, I’ll look similar Fiddler connected the Roof!”

Sports Bar big Jamie O’Hara said Cundy’s present got to spell done with it present he’s mentioned it connected nationalist radio.

O’Hara insists Cundy has to spell done with it adjacent though Chelsea can’t beryllium relied connected to travel up with the goods

“I mentioned it to my woman implicit the play and she said she doesn’t similar maine with the beard…” Cundy added arsenic helium proceeded to look into Chelsea’s fixture list.

Aston Villa (H) – “That’s astir apt 1 point… not convinced we get the win.”

Brighton (H) – “I deliberation we’re retired of the Carabao Cup.”

“There are a mates of winnable games but we’ve had a batch of winnable games – we’ve got Fulham away and past Burnley away, connected October 7th,” Cundy added.

As if Blues brag Mauricio Pochettino isn’t nether capable pressureGetty

“Here’s the implicit killer, there’s an planetary break. I can’t spell done the planetary break.”

Failure to triumph would agelong Cundy’s beard crippled to good implicit a month, and the fixtures amusement nary motion of letting up successful presumption of trouble level aft the October internationals.

“This is wherever I’m worried,” Cundy said. “After the planetary interruption we’ve got Arsenal astatine home and Brentford astatine home.

“Then we’ve got your mob (Tottenham) away, past Man City astatine home, Newcastle away – by the mode successful betwixt each that there’s different planetary break.

“I’m present into December, what americium I going to look like? We past person Brighton astatine home, past Man United away. Ah, I’ve conscionable seen it, that’s wherever the 3 points are going to travel from!”

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