Jada Pinkett-Smith's mirror selfie breaks the internet after 'Fat Joe' comparison

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New Year's Day is often filled with resolutions and reflections, but for Jada Pinkett Smith, it led to unexpected social media hilarity.

The Hollywood star found herself at the center of online jokes, drawing comparisons to rapper Fat Joe in a mirror selfie that took the internet by storm.

Pinkett Smith's now iconic selfie

In the spirit of welcoming 2024, Jada Pinkett Smith shared a fashionable mirror selfie showcasing her favorite attire for the year.

While the photo aimed to highlight her fashion sense, the internet had other plans.

Users quickly drew humorous parallels between Jada's pose and wardrobe to iconic bald figures, notably Fat Joe and The Rock.

In the snapshot, Jada sported sweatpants, leg warmers, a brown bubble jacket, and aviator shades, exuding her signature style.

However, the angle and her outfit choice prompted comparisons, with social media users playfully dubbing her a "skinnier version of Fat Joe."

"I think jean leg warmers are where it's at for me in 2024,"Jada captioned the image, unaware of the humorous storm it would unleash.

Fat Joe comparisons dominate online chatter

The online reactions were swift and creative.

X's trending topics were flooded with "Fat Joe," "Pitbull," and "Jada," highlighting the widespread attention the comparisons received.

Some even coined a new moniker for Jada, referring to her as "Skinny Joe."

One user humorously noted, "Will Smith trying to understand how he married Jada but ended up with Fat Joe."

Another joined in saying, "I'm crying at everyone thinking that picture of Jada Pinkett is Fat Joe. Pls."

The comparisons didn't stop at Fat Joe; Jada was also playfully associated with other bald celebrities, including rapper Pitbull and Hollywood star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Social media users took the opportunity to share their amusing observations, with one commenting, "Jean leg warmers are great but why does Jada look like the Rock lost all his muscles."

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