Is Joana Sanz pregnant? The surprising video that the model made public includes a pregnancy test

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For everyone, the end of a year is usually a 'clean slate', generally we all want to start from scratch on January 1 of each new year, but without a doubt, Joana Sanz will really want to think about it after all that she has suffered over the last 365 days.

For the model from the Canary Islands, the year began with the accusations made against her husband, the footballer Dani Alves, and shortly afterwards, the fateful news of the death of her mother emerged, two pieces of news that came out consecutively and that have been a heavy burden during the 2023 that has just ended.

Joana Sanz embarazada? El sorprendente vdeo que ha hecho pblico la modelo mostrando un test de em

Joana disclosed the death of her mother

The news of a mother's death is always a hard blow for a person. Perhaps even more so when her daughter, through the social networks, revealed that she died due to a cancer that had been detected a few months earlier, while she was undergoing treatment for the mental illness that she was suffering from.

Despite trying to support her husband, it was only a few days later that he was arrested and imprisoned, where he has now been for a year since his arrest.

One of the model's refuges has been social media. Through them she has been telling of her state of health and sharing the different professional jobs she has been doing, while at the same time opening her heart due to the hard year she has suffered.

However, before the end of the year Joana made a post that has left her followers open-mouthed with a number of questions.

On Instagram she shared a photo and a video with her mother with a message full of sentiment.

"I think what hurts me most about this day is that I won't be able to share it with you again. There were so many memories left to build that I get frustrated. Sometimes we 'get upset' at family reunions without thinking about how lucky we are to have those moments. That life passes us by fleetingly and we hardly stop to enjoy ours. Everything is a 'must' or a 'have' instead of a 'want'," Sanz captioned the video.

The most mysterious thing is the video, in which Joana is seen giving her mother a round box with baby products inside. The mother in the video is surprised, but then cries with emotion when her daughter shows her a pregnancy test, at which point the video ends.

We don't know any more, except that at the time, Alves and Sanz had been in a relationship for eight years, so there is every reason to believe that the couple may have been expecting their first child.

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