Lady Gaga Admitted She Hated Celebrating Christmas Unlike Rest of the Hollywood


  • Lady Gaga dislikes Christmas as it makes her feel miserable
  • The pop star once proclaimed her hatred for Christmas on stage during a 2010 concert
  • Gaga admitted to being a Christmas person and seems to enjoy the holiday over the years

Singer and actress Lady Gaga is iconic in every way, as she has proved countless times, from her music to her fashion taste. The pop singer has thirteen Grammy Awards and wowed viewers with her acting in 2018’s A Star Is Born. However, fans of the Poker Face hitmaker might not know that Gaga is not very fond of celebrating Christmas, or so it seems.

Lady GagaLady Gaga

Lady Gaga has openly admitted to hating the Holidays and given an understandable reason for it. However, despite her self-proclaimed hatred towards Christmas, evidence suggests that might not be true. Here is what Lady Gaga has said about her feelings toward Christmas and what we know about her affinity for the holiday.

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Lady Gaga Has Admitted She Hates Christmas

Lady Gaga in a still from House of Gucci (2021)Lady Gaga in a still from House of Gucci (2021)

Lady Gaga frequently features on the list of celebs known for hating Christmas. The pop sensation, affectionately called “Mother Monster” by her fans, shocked the world when she admitted to hating Christmas. According to reports, Gaga hates Christmas because she is often alone during the holiday, making her feel miserable. The statement came during her concert at the O2 Arena in London on 16th December 2010.

“I hate the holidays. I’m alone and miserable you f**king stuffed little toy.”

Gaga made the above statement after a fan tossed her a stuffed Santa Claus toy while she was on stage. Gaga bit the doll’s head off before proclaiming her hatred for Christmas. The clip of Gaga biting off Santa’s head led to comparisons with the Grinch, and the video is still making rounds on the internet today as proof of Gaga’s dismay towards Christmas. However, Gaga was reportedly kidding during the concert and made up with her fans before the show ended.

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Lady Gaga’s Hatred For Christmas Might Have Faded

Lady Gaga on Jimmy Kimmel Live Lady Gaga on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lady Gaga’s hatred for Christmas became well publicized after her 2010 concert. However, in 2008, Gaga released a Christmas-themed song titled Christmas Tree, which remains quite popular. Furthermore, in 2011, Gaga collaborated with Barneys New York to launch Gaga’s Workshop, which featured several holiday-themed products.

While promoting Gaga’s Workshop, the singer-songwriter did an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in 2011. During the interview, Gaga admitted that she has always been a Christmas person.

There would be presents waiting for us. My mom would make a quiche, and we would hang out all morning and open presents. 

In the interview, Gaga stated that she celebrated Christmas in a family-oriented way and attended Christmas mass with her family as a child. The statement, made almost a year after Gaga proclaimed disdain for the holiday, strongly suggests Gaga has enjoyed Christmas more than she hated it.

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In 2017, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to share photographs of her Christmas party. The singer also took the opportunity to wish fans happy holidays. The elf-themed outfit Gaga wore for the party remains an iconic look even in 2023. Similarly, Gaga also wished fans well for the holiday season in 2020 through an Instagram post and reminded them to be generous during that time. Thus, it is possible that Gaga’s feelings towards Christmas might have changed over the years.

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