‘I cannot wait to see this again’ – Julian Alvarez’s ‘magic’ feet leave Ally McCoist stunned for Man City goal

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Julian Alvarez’s equaliser for Manchester City needed replays to beryllium believed.

The Argentine levelled the scoring successful the Group G brushwood against Red Star Belgrade with conscionable a infinitesimal connected the timepiece successful the 2nd half.

Alvarez had plentifulness to celebrateGetty

It seemed similar an equaliser would yet travel for the reigning champions, but alternatively of the accustomed root being Erling Haaland, the Norwegian turned provider.

He was past near perfectly stunned astatine the sheer prime that came adjacent from Alvarez, who took 1 interaction to bushed Red Star’s goalkeeper Omri Glazer, earlier past producing a decorativeness successful the blink of an oculus erstwhile it looked similar he’d tally retired of clip and space.

talkSPORT’s Ally McCoist scored a just fewer goals successful his clip arsenic a Scotland and Rangers legend, but adjacent helium was near flabbergasted by Alvarez;s quality.

“I’ll archer you what the decorativeness is incredible, it’s a treble touch,” McCoist said connected commentary for TNT Sports. “I cannot hold to spot this again.

Alvarez took 1 interaction walk the keeperTNT Sports
But the 2nd was outrageousTNT Sports

“He takes a interaction and past instantly different one.

“Brilliant. Brilliant. If helium doesn’t deed it aboriginal he’s by it and can’t get a finish.

“It’s magic it truly is, it’s perfect, the velocity of the feet from the archetypal interaction to his 2nd is what makes the goal.”

Alvarez past enactment City up with a free-kick, though helium was helped by immoderate mediocre goalkeeping by Omri Glazer. Rodri added City’s 3rd with a calm and precise finish.

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