Hugh Grant Has No Regrets About “Psychotic” Love Story Despite Being “All about pain… suffering”


  • Love Actually still holds itself as the most beloved Christmas rom-com, and despite its few shortcomings, Huge Grant adores it.
  • While the rom-com is a bit psychotic, Grant commended Richard Curtis' writing on Love Actually, which is all about pain and suffering.
  • Like Grant, Curtis too sang praises for his coworker, expressing that he owes his career to Hugh Grant.

Since debuting back in 2003, Love Actually is still seen as the quintessential rom-com for the festive season, which despite initially opening to mixed critical reception, is adored by fans. However, the Hugh Grant-led movie hasn’t been immune to criticisms, especially in the current landscape, as some of its jokes have aged quite poorly. And the lack of diversity and the age gap between the lead Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln are other major complaints that are brought up against it.

But despite its few setbacks, Grant adores Love Actually even though it’s a bit psychotic, as he revealed it was while watching it drunkenly alongside his wife that the theme of the movie hit him.

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Hugh Grant in Love ActuallyHugh Grant | Love Actually

The Booze Helped Hugh Grant Recognize Love Actually Was All About Pain and Suffering

Love Actually is not just a cookie-cutter rom-com but another testament to Richard Curtis’s brilliance, which celebrates the absurdity of love. Reflecting on the Christmas classic, Hugh Grant, who not too long ago rewatched the movie drunkenly, revealed during this viewing he and his wife Anna Eberstein took note of its element of pain and suffering. And while he admitted the rom-com is a bit psychotic, the actor lauded Curtis’ writing for the movie, joking it’s “Richard on steroids”.

He said (via People),

“It comes from the heart — it’s true. And I did drunkenly watch a bit of Love Actually a few months ago with my wife, and she was the one who said, ‘Oh look, it’s all about pain; it’s all about suffering.'” He continued, “The thing is with him [Richard Curtis], what you have to remember is when he writes about love, he means it. And that is quite rare.”

But while the trope-skewering romantic comedy is one of Grant and Curtis’ most renowned movies, which is reasonable following its ties to Christmas, their other collaborations also don’t fall short. Following their works from the ’90s to ‘2000s, the acclaimed screenwriter has been vocal about his laudation for the Wonka Star, stating that he owes his career to the actor.

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Hugh Grant in a still from Love ActuallyRichard Curtis’ Love Actually (2003)

Richard Curtis Explained That He Might Not Have a Career if It Wasn’t for Hugh Grant’s

Apart from Love Actually, which is on most rom-com fans’ watchlist for the happiest time of the year, Curtis and Grant’s other acclaimed works involve Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, etc. And considering both of them rose to fame thanks to Four Weddings and a Funeral, Curtis applauded the actor, stating he isn’t sure if he’d have a career if it wasn’t for Hugh Grant. He said,

“I don’t even know if I’d have a career without Hugh, so I’m very grateful he came along. His crankiness isn’t just pretend. He’s often cranky and often unhappy, but he’s also the only person in the world who’s never sent me a text that hasn’t made me laugh.”

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hugh grant love actuallyHugh Grant

With Christmas rolling in, Love Actually will once again witness an upsurge in its viewership as it should, and hopefully, like the Wonka Star, viewers too will notice its underlying theme.

Love Actually is available to stream on Netflix.

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