How will Hamas react to the killing of one of its top leaders?

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Israel stands accused of sidesplitting Saleh al-Arouri by drone onslaught successful Hezbollah’s stronghold successful the Lebanese capital.

The assassination of Hamas’s lawman chief, Saleh al-Arouri, is being seen arsenic a large stroke against the group’s leadership.

The apical commandant was killed successful Lebanon’s superior Beirut successful a drone onslaught connected Tuesday, raising the hazard of warring successful the Israel-Gaza warfare escalating good beyond the Gaza Strip.

It could besides awesome a caller attack to the warfare by Israel, adjacent though Tel Aviv has neither confirmed nor denied its engagement successful the strike.

Nearly 3 months into the war, al-Arouri’s sidesplitting volition apt intensify hostilities betwixt Israel and Hamas.

So, volition they grow beyond existing struggle zones?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Maha Yahya – Director of the Carnegie Middle East Center

Mohammad Marandi – Professor astatine the University of Tehran

Sami Al-Arian – Director of the Center for Islam and Global Affairs astatine Istanbul Zaim University

Published On 3 Jan 2024

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