Georgina Rodriguez gets the best Christmas present from her sister Ivana

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Georgina Rodriguez's life is always in the spotlight and this Christmas will always be remembered within her family. In addition to the idyllic life that the model leads with her children and Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, now comes her sister Ivana's most eagerly anticipated news.

On Thursday, December 28 and April Fools' Day in Spain, Ivana Rodriguez published a touching message on social media in which she announced that she was going to become a mother for the second time, after the birth of her first child in 2021. "The best Christmas ever," she wrote along with an image showing a positive pregnancy test.

Cristiano Ronaldo gifts his mother with a luxurious Porsche SUV

Social media congratulates Georgina Rodriguez's sister

Coinciding with a day when jokes are rampant in Spain, many did not take the news seriously and criticised Ivana for breaking the news on that particular day.

However, as reported by Hola! magazine, it's confirmed that Ivana Rodriguez and Carlos Garcia's family will expand and add a new member, meaning that Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez will once again become an aunt and uncle.

Although the model is yet to comment on social media about the news, her sister's social media channels have been full of congratulatory messages. Comments such as "I can't wait to see the face of that beautiful baby", "Congratulations, sweetheart", or "Congratulations! What great news".

In the meantime, Georgina has had to contend with some controversy over her daughters' Christmas presents in the last few days. In addition to various toys and dolls, the little girls received a pair of Louis Vuitton Alma BB handbags, valued at around 1,600 dollars.

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