Gary Oldman harshly criticizes his performance in Harry Potter: My work was mediocre

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Sometimes being hard on yourself is the best way to become better every day. However, being too hard on yourself can lead to problems over time.

Gary Oldman has no qualms about criticizing himself for a film that was made almost two decades ago. We're talking about 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', his first appearance in the wizarding franchise.

Hundreds of fans gather at Hogwarts to pay touching tribute to Michael Gambon

Sirius Black became one of the most beloved characters of the whole saga. His relationship with Harry, his sense of humor and skill with his wand make him one of the most popular wizards.

What did Oldman say about his work as Sirius Black?

However, it seems that the actor is not too happy with the role he played. He only played the famous prisoner of Azkaban for three films, but for Oldman his work was nothing more than 'mediocre'.

"I think my work was mediocre, I could have played the role very differently," explained the Oscar winning Oldman in an interview on Christmas Eve.

Comparisons are odious, but Gary doesn't hesitate to make one with the late Alan Rickman, the actor who played Severus Snape throughout the Harry Potter franchise.

"Maybe if I'd read the books like Alan, if I'd been ahead of the curve, if I'd known what was coming, I honestly think I would have played it differently, really," he added.

Oldman was smitten with the performance of his friend and fellow actor, Alan Rickman, who received countless accolades for his role, especially in the later films when he played a prominent part in the conclusion of Potter's battle with Lord Voldemort.

When the role came along, Gary Oldman was going through a difficult time on a personal front.

He was in the midst of a custody battle for his daughters and going through a difficult divorce. However, the roles of Sirius Black and Commissioner Jim Gordon changed his life.

"Batman and Harry Potter really saved me, because it meant I could do the least amount of work for the most amount of money and then be at home with the kids," he concluded.

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