Dave Chappelle unleashes unfiltered comedy in new Netflix special: "The Dreamer"

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In his seventh Netflix stand-up special, "The Dreamer," comedic heavyweight Dave Chappelle takes the stage at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., reflecting on his journey from ticket giveaways to becoming one of the world's most renowned stand-up comedian.

Opening with a Thoreau quote on success, Chappelle's black-and-white cinematic entrance, set to Radiohead's"Daydreaming," mirrors the intensity of a champion entering the ring. The venue's nostalgia swiftly transforms into a poignant tale of his late father missing out on witnessing his initial special.

Chappelle then shares a humorous recollection involving the late Norm Macdonald and a surreal encounter with Jim Carrey on the set of "Man on the Moon." The comedic icon was in character as Andy Kaufman, leading Chappelle to lament, "That's how trans people make me feel."

Chapelle's new and old obsessions

With an ear-to-ear grin, he declares a departure from trans-related humor. "I ain't sayin' shit about trans people. Maybe three or four times tonight, but that is it. I'm tired of talkin' about them."

Chappelle emphatically asserts his autonomy, exclaiming, "I don't need you. I got a whole new angle. You guys will never see this shit comin'. I ain't doin' trans jokes no more. You know what I'm gonna do tonight? Tonight, I'm doing all handicap jokes. Well, they're not as organized as the gays, and I love punching down."

What the critics have to say?

Chappelle's "The Dreamer" promises an unfiltered and unexpected journey into his comedic genius, challenging and entertaining audiences with his unique perspective.

Yet, Rolling Stone's review aptly captures the essence, noting that "It's unfortunate that Chappelle's The Dreamer is, like some of his prior Netflix specials, obsessively fixated on the trans community, because it's not an area he particularly excels at, resorting to puerile premises and punchlines."

As the curtain falls on "The Dreamer," audiences are left with the lingering realization that, once again, Chappelle's comedy style "It's not just tired but uninspired," said Rolling Stone's Marlow Stern.

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