Cristiano Ronaldo gives a beautiful, expensive luxury car to his mother, how much did he pay?

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Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed 2024 with a bang after ending the year as the soccer's top scorer in 2023, and to kick off the New Year he was joined by his family as he celebrated his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Viveiros da Aveiro's 69th birthday.

To celebrate, he gave an extraordinary birthday present to his mother: a luxury Porsche Cayenne SUV valued at $552,000 dollars (500,000 euros). The gift, adorned with a huge red bow, was delivered to Mrs Maria Dolores by Cristiano Jr. in the car park of their mansion on the family's home island of Madeira.

Cristiano Ronaldo gifts his mother with a luxurious Porsche SUV

Cristiano's sister Katia posted the moment on social media: "If she is happy it's because her son remembers her and not because of the value of the gift. Honor your father and mother and your days on earth will be long".

"Thank you to my children for the gifts I have received today. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers".

Maria Dolores celebrated her birthday on 31 December.

Cristiano's affectionate displays to his mother

Cristiano Ronaldo has already made several similar displays of affection for his mother. In 2020, he and his brothers gave her another expensive gift for Mother's Day. Also with a red bow she was given an impressive Mercedes valued at just over $110,000 dollars.

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