Civil admin can seek armed forces' help if needed: EC

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If the law and order situation deteriorates, the civil administration can seek help from the armed forces to tackle any untoward situation, said Election Commission Secretary Jahangir Alam last night.

He, while talking with reporters at the EC office in the capital, said that armed forces personnel had been deployed to assist the civil administration in holding a free and fair election.

"We don't expect that any violence will take place during the election. However, if there is any violence, all forces will resist it in unison… If there is any deterioration of law and order situation, the civil administration can call in the armed forces", Jahangir said.

He made the comments after the Election Commission held a closed-door meeting with the chiefs and top officials of the armed forces division, police, Rab, BGB, Ansar, Coast Guard and others.

Jahangir said that the commission, in the meeting, emphasised on holding a free, fair and peaceful election.

He said law enforcement agencies informed the commission that, so far, the law and order situation on the ground is under their control.

"However, since a political party has announced to resist the election, everyone will keep their own intelligence network active, so that, if a threat arises, it can be neutralised", Jahangir said.

Jahangir said that members of the armed forces, BGB will be on patrol duty, with presence of executive magistrates.

The combined force will be alert in safeguarding the rights to vote for everyone, Jahangir said.

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