Ciara and Derek Jeter's shocking discovery on "Finding your Roots"

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Singer Ciara discovered an unexpected addition to her family tree on the latest episode of "Finding Your Roots," hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr on PBS.

A clip shared exclusively on the 3rd Hour of TODAY on Jan. 2 shows how Ciara was dumbfounded as Gates unveiled an image of none other than retired baseball legend Derek Jeter, announcing, "Derek Jeter is your cousin."

"What?" Ciara exclaimed in disbelief. "You are kidding me. Derek Jeter!"

Ciara and Derek Jeter's ancestry

The connection between Ciara and Jeter lies in a "long identical stretch of DNA on their 14th chromosome," Gates explained.

Jeter, a baseball icon who led the New York Yankees to five World Series titles, had previously explored his own lineage on the show.

The program revealed a fascinating historical tidbit: Jeter's great-great-grandfather, Green Jeter, founded a church in Alabama in 1872 that continues to thrive today.

This revelation is just a taste of what's in store for the 10th season of "Finding Your Roots," premiering on Jan. 2.

The show promises more surprising genealogical discoveries, including a poignant story from singer Alanis Morissette.

Gates shared, "She did not know that they perished in the Holocaust. They went to the Russian front and died in Hungary."

In a departure from its celebrity-centric format, this season will introduce three non-celebrity guests, showcasing equally captivating family histories.

Gates expressed, "Their stories were just as interesting and just as riveting as stories of celebrities."

Russell Wilson reacts to Ciara & Derek Jeter connection

Ciara's husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, took to social media to share his reaction, stating, "Always knew it!"

Both Ciara and Jeter recently welcomed their fourth children - Jeter's son Kaius in May and Ciara and Wilson's daughter Amora in August.

Amidst these revelations, the Wilson family has been making headlines beyond the genealogical sphere.

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson recently found himself in a public dispute with the Broncos, who have benched the veteran player for the last two weeks of the NFL regular season.

The Broncos face a challenging decision this next offseason, with around $85 million in dead cap if they part ways with Wilson.

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