Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering suffers attack by biker gang in Los Angeles

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Ian Ziering, best known for his role in "Beverly Hills, 90210," found himself entangled in a street altercation with a Los Angeles biker gang on a recent Sunday.

The incident, captured in a video obtained by TMZ, unfolded on Hollywood Blvd.

The footage depicts multiple riders on mini motorized bikes swarming around Ziering's vehicle before the actor decided to step out of his car.

The situation escalated swiftly as Ziering threw a punch at one of the bikers, whose motorbike was stationed directly in front of the actor's car.

What caused the brawl involving Ian Ziering?

It remains unclear what triggered Ziering's reaction, and whether a collision between one of the motorcycles and Ziering's vehicle preceded the altercation. According to TMZ's source, there's a possibility that Ziering's vehicle may have been struck before the confrontation took a violent turn.

After landing a punch on the unidentified biker, Ziering seemed to knock the helmeted individual to the ground.

Subsequently, other bikers joined the fray, and four individuals began throwing punches at the "Sharknado" actor. Ziering attempted to make a run for it across a busy street, with helmeted and masked individuals persistently pursuing him.

Onlookers filmed the chaotic scene, but no one intervened to aid the actor.

Navigating through the sidewalk, Ziering turned back towards one of the helmeted bikers, who continued to throw punches and kicks. Two other bikers, including a female, joined the pursuit, attempting to land hits on Ziering before he managed to escape onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Despite the dramatic events, Ziering eventually returned to his vehicle and left the scene without involving the police. Representatives for Ziering have not yet responded to requests for comments, and the actor has maintained silence on social media since the altercation unfolded. The incident adds a surprising chapter to Ian Ziering's narrative, leaving many curious about the circumstances surrounding the street brawl.

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