Alan Wake 2 Wishes Fans Happy Holidays as It Prepares for the New Year

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The holiday season is without a doubt one of the greatest times of the year, and it is also quite delightful for the video game industry. From massive discounts to completely free titles, the days leading up to Christmas Day on December 25 come with numerous amazing deals that gamers can check out to make their collections bigger.

Developers and publishers of beloved games are also personally ensuring that they give their end-of-year greetings to their fans, with Alan Wake 2 and Remedy Entertainment wishing their community the very best.

As Alan Wake 2 seemingly prepares for the new year, which is right around the corner, fans are coming up with their own speculations about what the game’s official holiday post could mean.

Alan Wake 2 Shares a Heartfelt and Promising Holiday Post

After winning multiple awards at The Game Awards 2023, Alan Wake 2 is wishing fans happy holidays.After winning multiple awards at The Game Awards 2023, Alan Wake 2 is wishing fans happy holidays.

Remedy Entertainment took to the official Alan Wake 2 X account to wish its fans happy holidays. The greetings come from all of the employees at the studio, including founder and industry veteran Sam Lake, as it asks its community to “Stay healthy” during its celebrations and not go overboard with them. Accompanying the post is also a stunning Christmas Day-themed graphic that truly captures both the game’s and the season’s true spirit.

The graphic shared by Remedy Entertainment shows the two protagonists from Alan Wake 2, Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, staring into darkness and standing against a hauntingly beautiful and cold backdrop, complete with snow, mountains, and trees. Moreover, both characters are seen wearing warm clothes and scarves, with Anderson holding a hot cup, giving off smoke, and Wake having his hands in his pockets.

With wonderful shining lights sparkling all across the sky, it feels like the most wholesome way to wish fans just a few days before Christmas Day finally arrives tomorrow.

However, amid the pure holiday spirit and joy, there was one aspect of Remedy Entertainment’s post that stood out more than anything else. The update by Alan Wake 2 ended by stating that the game and studio will “see” the fans “in the new year,” which could be a cryptic hint about the future of the title beyond Christmas Day in 2024.

Considering how Remedy already released the highly awaited New Game Plus mode called The Final Draft earlier this month, it will definitely be interesting to see what the developer has planned for the beloved sequel next.

What Could Remedy Be Planning for Alan Wake 2 Next Year?

The New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2 was released earlier this month.The New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2 was released earlier this month.

With the final sentence of the post, Remedy Entertainment teased new potential content that could be coming out for Alan Wake 2 next year. As nothing is confirmed yet, one can only speculate, especially considering some of the requests that fans have been asking the developer under its greeting.

First of all, the excellent sequel to Alan Wake only received a digital release in October 2023, which may seem like the future to some, but there are still plenty of physical media enthusiasts out there.

Even the Game of the Year award winner, Baldur’s Gate 3, was initially released on digital platforms only, but due to the high demand by physical media fans, Larian Studios unleashed a Deluxe Edition with plenty of disks.

So, it would make sense for Remedy Entertainment to give the Alan Wake sequel the same treatment and give it the physical edition it deserves in 2024. Moreover, the developer has already stated that it will release free downloadable content and two paid expansions for the game sometime in the future.

Remedy Entertainment’s post on X could be hinting towards a 2024 release for some, if not all, of that content. The two paid expansions for Alan Wake 2 already have titles called Night Springs and Lake House, and they could be closer to release than fans may have originally thought. Since 2024 is basically just a week away, it just makes sense for the developer to tease the near future of its greatly beloved video game.

Earlier this month, the Alan Wake sequel won three prestigious awards at The Game Awards 2023, and with that, Remedy Entertainment has ensured its strong footing in the video game industry. The prospect of future content from the developer sounds undeniably exciting.

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